Sep 15

The Solar Schools project is now closed

By The Solar Schools team

After five incredible years, we're writing our last blog to say that the Solar Schools project has now closed.

Its been an absolutely fantastic five years and we can't thank you enough for getting involved and helping to make the magic happen! 

Since 2011, 80 communities have rallied around their schools with an ambitious aim: to go solar.

Everbody has got involved. Pupils ran conkershys; parents got their workplaces to donate, teachers stayed late to run solar sleepovers.

There is so much to celebrate! Together our schools have installed over 2000 panels and got more than 30,000 pupils involved in renewable energy. The team who've taken part have come away with new skills, stronger community ties and a more sustainable school for the future.

Heres to the last five years of awesomeness, Schools, we salute you! 

The magic of Solar Schools from 10:10 on Vimeo.

Despite the magic Solar Schools has created, we felt the time had come to shut up shop. Unfortunately, due to cuts to subsidies for solar, the returns for installing solar were drastically reduced. As well as this, with the reduced subsidy a system of deployment caps has been put in place. These create a level of uncertainty which is often unsuited to the careful investment planning decisions taken by schools. With these changes, we felt the model was less attractive to schools.  Asking people to commit to a year of fundraising £10k+ for little pay back seemed like quite the push, so we decided to close the project. However, don't panic. We closed up shop because we know there are other options out there. Solar is still possible if you want it, don't be deterred.

A full list of other options can be found here on our 10:10 page. Have a nosy and see if there is one that suits your needs! 

Good luck!