We’re not a school, can we get involved?

One of the things that we think is so exciting about Solar Schools is that it could be used in all sorts of different ways – for different renewable technologies and for different community centred buildings, from Heatpump hospitals to Microgen mosques!

At the moment though, we want to make sure we get the model working as well as we can before we start rolling it out wider, so for now, it’s just solar and it’s just schools!

However, we would love to hear your ideas. If we can demonstrate that there’s a real appetite out there for other applications then we’re more able to get the support we need to do it. Use this form to fill in some details and if we do branch out, you’ll be the first to know.

The idea is simple: we help schools get their own solar panels by giving them tools to raise money from the local community. This cuts their carbon emissions, generates long-term income via the Feed-in Tariff and provides a brilliant educational resource for the pupils.