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Mrs Jones & Mrs McPhee
Head teacher
“We have now installed our solar panels! Huge thanks to all our supporters from all the staff, parents and pupils at Newnham Croft. We did it!”
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Newnham Croft Primary School was one of the trailblazing schools who piloted the project in 2010/11.

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Feb 17

We've arrived!

By Sarah

Under the clear blue skies of February half term ENGENSA solar installation company arrived at school to put up our 4kw solar panel array! It took a team of three just one day to install the 16 panels which are already busy turning the winter sun into electricity.
It is an amazing feeling to turn on a computer or some lights, and know that you are using power generated by your own roof.
P2160886 Now that the panels are on our nearly flat roof this beautiful array is not visible from the school grounds. But we are working on creating a very easy-to-read display where the children can see at a glance how much electricity we are producing and how much we are consuming. The plan is that this will be real-life data that teachers can incorporate into science and maths lessons, and will help our school community learn more about reducing energy consumption and building a sustainable future.
We have yet to decide how we are going to launch and celebrate our solar panels, but at this stage we would like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful donors and supporters from Newnham, Cambridge, the rest of the UK and even beyond. It has been an exciting and eventful journey, with it's fair share of ups and downs, but it shows how we can work together to make things happen. And in the end, that is how we are going to beat climate change.