Ludwell Primary School

Ludwell, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9ND

Sue Evans
Head teacher
“Our wonderful pupils are so excited to be a Solar School! We are a small school with a big heart and big ambitions to generate our own clean, green electricity. Solar panels will benefit today’s pupils and those from generations that will follow. Thank you for supporting this amazing project!”
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Ludwell Primary School raised over £12,500 to go solar. Click on the News tab to find out how!

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Done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I can hardly believe it, but we've done it! We've raised over £12,500 in 9...

How appropriate that the first FiT payment should...

Feed-in-Tariff donated £933.46 to Ludwell Primary School

Nearly there!

Simon Lewis donated £10 to Ludwell Primary School

So close.........!

Thanks to a flurry of donations over the last few weeks, we have so nearly raised the total needed...

Ludwell School's PTA are really excited to be...

Ludwell PTA donated £1000.00 to Ludwell Primary School

The Grove Arms is always happy to support our...

The Grove Arms donated £260.66 to Ludwell Primary School

Thank you to James Pester and Xander Bird for the...

Emma Kemp donated £20 to Ludwell Primary School
4 Villages Spring Fete donated £1500 to Ludwell Primary School
Coronation Drive Street Party donated £300 to Ludwell Primary School
Ciara, James and Xander donated £48.94 to Ludwell Primary School
Mr and Mrs Bird donated £100 to Ludwell Primary School
Bags to School donated £147.60 to Ludwell Primary School

Ludwell Stores and Post Office

A huge thank you goes to Phil and Jo James at Ludwell Stores & Post Office for donating a...

5 Greedy Bankers

Thank you to South West Wiltshire Green Party for organising a fundraising film showing of '5...


WOW! We are so grateful to local business, BV Dairy, for their wonderful spontaneous...

London Climate March

With the Paris Climate Talks happening right now, it seems an appropriate time to be reflecting on...

One good deed triggers another........

It is now less than a month until the start of the Paris Climate Talks where world leaders will...


We have just been told that the Donhead Digest is to donate an amazing £500 to our project!...

Halloween Disco

Our wonderful PTA organised an amazing Halloween Disco on Thursday evening. The event was...

Thank you to our wonderful donors!

It may be raining today, but we're all feeling very sunny and smiley at Ludwell Primary thanks...

What’s this all about?

Schools are raising money from the local community to install solar panels. The electricity generated will will help to boost school budgets, cut carbon and teach pupils about energy and climate change.

I’m an individual – what can I do?

The best thing you can do to help Ludwell Primary School is sponsor a virtual solar tile and tell everyone about it! Your donation will take the school one step closer to their target of £12,500 and one step closer to installing a solar rig. Every £5 you donate will help them save money whilst also saving carbon and providing a great learning resource. You can sponsor an individual tile right the way up to a whole panel! Click here to get started.

What can my organisation do?

What could be better than sponsoring a whole panel (or more) for Ludwell Primary School? You know that your organisation’s investment will help educate children in your community for years to come. What’s more, you can personalise the panel with your own message of support for your chosen school and a link straight through to your website! Click here to get started.

What else can I do?

Glad you asked! Ludwell Primary School is relying on the local community to help raise the money needed to turn the school into its own clean, green power machine.
  • First, make sure you tell absolutely everyone about the project! Post on your facebook, on twitter, email your friends… this project relies on people power so Ludwell Primary School needs your help to reach as many people as possible.
  • Donate some time! If you can give more than money, get in touch with Ludwell Primary School using these contact details.
  • Why not persuade your workplace to get involved? They could donate some money or support in other ways.

How does Solar Schools benefit schools taking part?

Solar panels will save carbon and cut schools energy bills. The project also provides a great way to start talking to staff and pupils about other ways to save energy, so the carbon cutting spreads! Money saved on electricity bills, plus extra from the Feed-in Tariff, can all be ploughed straight back into school activities. However, whilst the financial kick-back is amazing, the real benefits are:
  • Strengthened links between schools and their communities
  • New skills and confidence building within schools
  • An exciting new way to teach pupils about energy and climate change
  • Renewed enthusiasm for all the great eco-work that can go on within schools
  • A positive and easy way for businesses to engage meaningfully with their local school
  • An incredible boost to school morale

Why focus on solar?

Solar is the renewable energy technology suitable for the largest number of schools. Its modularity is also well suited to the project’s community fundraising system. However, the Solar Schools toolkit will, in time, adapt to allow schools (and other bodies) to fundraise for all kinds of green measures.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels turn energy from the sun into electricity (Solar Schools are installing solar photovoltaics not solar thermal). Solar panels have become substantially cheaper and more efficient over the past decade and are a vital part of the energy mix the UK needs to hit our carbon reduction targets.

Who else is behind the scheme?

The Solar Schools project is run by the carbon cutting movement 10:10, with the support of partners Mumsnet, Cooperative Energy, Lush, The Gulbenkian Foundation, NESTA, the Bertha Foundation and the Tudor trust. 10:10 provides all of the support and resources to schools completely free of charge. 10:10 has partnered with the charity Solar Aid to offer their Sunny Schools programme to all of the schools taking part in Solar Schools.

How can my local school take part?

We're always on the lookout for new schools that want to get involved. Register your interest and we'll let you know as soon as we open applications.

Who can I contact with more questions?

You can find Ludwell Primary School contact details here. Or check out the contact page for more information.