Ludwell Primary School

Ludwell, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9ND

Sue Evans
Head teacher
“Our wonderful pupils are so excited to be a Solar School! We are a small school with a big heart and big ambitions to generate our own clean, green electricity. Solar panels will benefit today’s pupils and those from generations that will follow. Thank you for supporting this amazing project!”
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Ludwell Primary School raised over £12,500 to go solar. Click on the News tab to find out how!

This just in...

Done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I can hardly believe it, but we've done it! We've raised over £12,500 in 9...

How appropriate that the first FiT payment should...

Feed-in-Tariff donated £933.46 to Ludwell Primary School

Nearly there!

Simon Lewis donated £10 to Ludwell Primary School

So close.........!

Thanks to a flurry of donations over the last few weeks, we have so nearly raised the total needed...

Ludwell School's PTA are really excited to be...

Ludwell PTA donated £1000.00 to Ludwell Primary School

The Grove Arms is always happy to support our...

The Grove Arms donated £260.66 to Ludwell Primary School

Thank you to James Pester and Xander Bird for the...

Emma Kemp donated £20 to Ludwell Primary School
4 Villages Spring Fete donated £1500 to Ludwell Primary School
Coronation Drive Street Party donated £300 to Ludwell Primary School
Ciara, James and Xander donated £48.94 to Ludwell Primary School
Mr and Mrs Bird donated £100 to Ludwell Primary School
Bags to School donated £147.60 to Ludwell Primary School

Ludwell Stores and Post Office

A huge thank you goes to Phil and Jo James at Ludwell Stores & Post Office for donating a...

5 Greedy Bankers

Thank you to South West Wiltshire Green Party for organising a fundraising film showing of '5...


WOW! We are so grateful to local business, BV Dairy, for their wonderful spontaneous...

London Climate March

With the Paris Climate Talks happening right now, it seems an appropriate time to be reflecting on...

One good deed triggers another........

It is now less than a month until the start of the Paris Climate Talks where world leaders will...


We have just been told that the Donhead Digest is to donate an amazing £500 to our project!...

Halloween Disco

Our wonderful PTA organised an amazing Halloween Disco on Thursday evening. The event was...

Thank you to our wonderful donors!

It may be raining today, but we're all feeling very sunny and smiley at Ludwell Primary thanks...

Please get in touch

If you have any questions, problems or would like to make a large donation, feel free to get in touch. If you’re having a problem with the website, please email Solar Schools HQ on


01747 828519

Ludwell Primary School
Ludwell, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Help Needed!

If you can spare more than just money, we’re always looking for helpers, so if you could...

  • - Organize a cake sale or mini-fundraiser?
  • - Chip in a few hours of your time on one of the schools’ bigger fundraisers?
  • - Help sell voucher booklets to friends and family?
  • - Share an idea

Just drop us a line! Ultimately, it’s your help that will make this possible.