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Sue Evans
Head teacher
“Our wonderful pupils are so excited to be a Solar School! We are a small school with a big heart and big ambitions to generate our own clean, green electricity. Solar panels will benefit today’s pupils and those from generations that will follow. Thank you for supporting this amazing project!”
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Ludwell Primary School raised over £12,500 to go solar. Click on the News tab to find out how!

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Done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! I can hardly believe it, but we've done it! We've raised over £12,500 in 9...

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5 Greedy Bankers

Thank you to South West Wiltshire Green Party for organising a fundraising film showing of '5...


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London Climate March

With the Paris Climate Talks happening right now, it seems an appropriate time to be reflecting on...

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It is now less than a month until the start of the Paris Climate Talks where world leaders will...


We have just been told that the Donhead Digest is to donate an amazing £500 to our project!...

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Our wonderful PTA organised an amazing Halloween Disco on Thursday evening. The event was...

Thank you to our wonderful donors!

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Dec 2

London Climate March

By @2Tankie

With the Paris Climate Talks happening right now, it seems an appropriate time to be reflecting on our Solar Schools project and how far we have come since our launch 2 months ago.
Two of our Governors, Richard and Karen Ecclestone represented Ludwell Primary on the London March for Climate, Justice and Jobs and proudly took the Solar Schools banner with them.

Photo courtesy of Neil Baird
They said it had been a privilege to be among the 50,000 people who attended the peaceful and good natured event, where ordinary citizens demonstrated to express their concerns and hopes for a productive outcome to the Paris talks. 
When thinking about the future in store for the 73 primary age children at Ludwell, it reinforces just how important it is for global leaders to seriously tackle the existential threat that climate change represents, not just to the human species, but to the myriad of wonderful non-human species with whom we share our one and only planet.
Whilst we expect our leaders to do the right thing at the global level, we also need to make our contribution to solving the problem locally, and that's what our solar panels project is all about. As our display in the school hall shows, we have already generated 1,434kWh of clean, green electricity and saved 817kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. And, even on a dull December day, our system was still generating 600W!

We have been overwhelmed at the generosity of all the people from far and wide who have already donated to our project, so much so that we have already reached 60% of our target! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and let you know that the whole school community really appreciates your kindness.  We are heartened by how lovely people can be - for example, the spontaneous cash donations from a former Army colleague at a 2nd Royal Tank Regiment reunion and from a fellow marcher in London on Sunday. Such acts of kindness make you realise that together, the global community can solve the climate crisis for the Earth's collective benefit.