Content Code of Conduct

This Content Code of Conduct (the "Code") applies to all who post any content on (the "Website").

As a user of the Website, you agree to follow this Code and be responsible for any content you upload.

We encourage you to be civil and polite in your postings on the Website and considerate of other users.

You will breach this Code, if you post or use the Website in a way that:

  1. is illegal or expresses vulgarity, profanity, hatred, bigotry, racism or violence;

  2. misrepresents the source of anything you post including impersonation of another individual or company;

  3. invades anyone's privacy; or

  4. threatens, victimises or intimidates an individual or group.

We (10:10 and the schools involved in the Solar Schools Project) reserve the right to review and remove content on the Website in whole or in part, at our discretion and without any obligation to do so, regardless of whether or not it is, in the opinion of anyone else, against this Code.

If your post is considered inappropriate, we may (but are not obliged) contact you and offer you the option of editing your post to remove any offending material.

We regret that we cannot refund a donation if your post is not uploaded on the Website or is later removed or edited.

If you see content on the Website which you do not feel is appropriate, please report it to us for review via