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Applications for
Solar Schools 2015–16 are now closed.
To register interest for next year, email hello@solarschools.org.uk

Solar Schools helps schools crowd-fund the cost of solar panels – cutting carbon, boosting budgets and teaching pupils about energy and climate change.

Why Apply

If you missed the applications, but would still like to register interest for next year.
Get in touch hello@solarschools.org.uk.

Solar Schools Classic

Great for smaller roofs and more
confident fundraisers

Learn more

Solar Schools Community

Great for larger roofs and less
confident fundraisers

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Your invitation to do something amazing…

Solar Schools is a totally unique way to crowdfund clean energy for your school (and their future).

  • Get kids switched on to energy + climate
  • Strengthen the school and community
  • Cut carbon and boost budgets

Our special mix of cutting-edge technology and good old-fashioned community spirit has already helped schools raise over £470,000 for solar panels.

How it works

  1. Get a small team of volunteers together.
  2. Use our crowdfunding tools and training for a flying start.
  3. Dream up fun ideas and events to get everyone involved.
  4. Hit your target, plug in those panels and celebrate!

This year, we’re offering two routes to solar superstardom.

Solar Schools Classic

Solar Schools Community

Need more info? Check out the FAQ or email us.

Free • Charity run • Not for profit
Solar Schools is run by the climate change charity 10:10, and it’s free for schools to take part. We’re doing this because we love renewable energy, and want to help more people benefit from it. For more info, visit 1010uk.org.